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Reviews for "Kill Gomamon and Patamon"

Just a "kill x game." I never played Digimon not gonna lie, this one was a little more fun since it had some timing to it.


i know you made this years ago,but this is a coinsidence.im 12 years old!i joined newgrounds yesterday and submitted my first flash.some said it was good for my age,some said it was crap.but still,my flash skills aren't too great at the moment.but im getting better.
anyway,this game was quite fun,and it was cool to kill patamon.(to think i used to be a really big fan of Digimon..)
nice game!


Fun game

Fun game you have here, it kept me interested you may want to think about adding some extra features like a mini game option of some sort though i had fun playing this though.




12 is pretty young, so i guess you have a reason there, but this still is pretty crappy and.... GEEZZ i just noticed this was made early in 2001!!, that is a good enough excuse for having it not looking as sharp as it should, but still improvements could of been made the "Spacebar" thing was really annoying and the violence wasnt near enough to the amount i would have liked but overall good try!


I suck 2! ;-) im older, and can use flash well, im just not an artist.

concerning music, try the audio portal on newgrounds, or use music from CDs, and just credit the author. Fun game though!