Reviews for "Knuckles Adventure 1"

Omg I Loved The Little Trophies You Could Find!!

That Was Pretty Awesome, Considering all the extra features!

Very nice

You tied up the loose ends on knuckles adventure with this movie good job!!!

That was fuckin awsome

oh my lord knuckles as i never seen him before wow
good fuckin job and I'm just seeing this for the very first time I'm going to watch part 2 now I have a lot of time on my hands
Maybe I'll become just as good 1 day

I think KA kicks butt! this one is the longest!

This is the KA that begins an epic legend about a red echidna and a stupid drunk armidillo and there green hatted freind! (Knuckles, Mighty ,and link for anyone who hasn't touched a gaming system within the last 15 years!) But this movie rules I think that KA is the best series on newgrounds!


hiei is the kid napper i can tell