Reviews for "Knuckles Adventure 1"

Found em all

This movie was so friggin cool!!! Can't wait for part 4,and sub-zero using a fire hydrant....lol.

haha that movie was great!

Good Job. That was great humor u had in it 2! made me crack up a couple of times. Oh and i have 1 question for you. how do u make those 16bit movies? are you using flash 5? or sum other program, plz tell me wat ur using! thanks!

That's funny shit right here.

I was wondering why they never had Mighty in "Sonic heroes", because he is too fucking drunk to even think strait. and that Tikal sprite is new to me.

Absolutely the best

All your Knuckles Adventures rock! Please make more! And even more after that!


that was some funny stuff right there man, the others were really good too