Reviews for "Knuckles Adventure 1"

well ..

I am beginning to see quite a few SWF that rip *cough* BORROW sprites but this is the first I've seen that borrows backdrops from SNES carts as well. I don't know .. I'm just wanting that custom look where everything is original including the backdrops.

You really worked on this, I can see that (playing your SWF) but it's just not for me.

Sorry. :)


good old knuckles

You know, im a fan of the sonics and havent seen a lot about them lately and the such so good job, but i recall seeing the phrase "ass-hat" ass-hat? i mean really, do you actually say that? You have ym pity =)

Man, this isn't funny at all. Also, why put Link in this?! And god, that annoying bar music!

Basic at best

The animation is terrible, as proven when knuckle throw the red character around. The speech bubbles looks bad and most of the sprites are out of place. Eerything that is original artwork (made by the author) looks terrible. The plot is thin as paper and the jokes are unfunny. thruly terrible.