Reviews for "Knuckles Adventure 1"

I really liked Knuckles Adventure

The problem is I've already seen it! Now, I realize the point is the trophies, but I want the next episode!

I've been silent for far too long...

You probably won't believe me when I say this but I am the one who created the Link sprites used in the Knuckles Adventure series. Here on NG, I am Alucard_316, but I go by the name Semijuggalo in my spritework. If you've ever been to Fireball20xl.com, then you've most likely seen my other sprites.

Like I said: believe what you want to. You'll probably flame me and accuse me of being a liar, but I decided to reveal myself because there are assholes out there who used my stuff and didn't give credit! There's a cartoon called Mario vs. Link here on NG, where my Link sprites were used and credited to the wrong guy. I e-mailed them about it and they responded with a big FUCK YOU!

I seriously believe that people like this are amongst the last people we need in the world. If you don't believe me that's fine, but I speak the truth. Oh and Jacob? Thanks for giving props where they're due.

Heran-Bago responds:

(It's true you guys, this is the master mind behind those Link sprites)

No problem. You more than deserve credit. Everyone email this guy and.... say "yay" or something.


i didnt like it alot

but knuckles is tyte as shit

just because its about him u get a 7


That was AWESOME!!!!111!!!11one11!!1 But then again, all of your flashes are!! ^.^ Where did u get the sprite sheets?

Good series can't wait to see them

Everyone knows Knuckles used to be the big bad guy in the Sonic Series, now hes a freakin guardian of the master emerald how gay is that?!??!
What made this good was that you gave knuckles back that buff head personality and that's what makes him so damn likeable.

Text wasn't perfect I counted up over 20 spelling mistakes in the dialogue.
Thank god your not Japanese! (Priase Budda) If you were I would be giving this the JDS (Japanese Dialogue Syndrome). Somthing I got off Good Game.
Sprites selection could have been better, I mean, you brought in that old man who sits inside pokemon shopping centers and never leaves.
Talk about desperate.

There obvouisly wasn't any laziness in the beginning fan made preloader and Nintendo/Sega logos, scene selection, credits, and much more.
If you ask me it's the other episodes that make this complete with all these crazy guys from diffrent games its just plain fun to see wht other guys say to each other.

I'm handing over 7 out of 10 silver circerts.