Reviews for "Knuckles Adventure 1"

i loved the original

and this "revamped" version is even better buddy! loving the extra features and i decided to watch the whole thing from start to finihsh anyway... it was THAt good! nice jukebox too

was very good

the only thing i did not like about this movie was the text bubbles stayed too long in my opinion, i can read a text box in like 1 second, but they took forever to keep going. maybe speed em up or give the option to advance to the next one faster.

otherwise great job, i wnat to see the next one


Pretty good but i dont have 2,3,5,6,14,or 19 help me, and also pretty fucking goodjob

Nice work really worth watching

Good job you really incorporated all the characters togeather well.

One of my favorites

lol it's so fun collecting the trophys