Reviews for "Knuckles Adventure 1"

Good remix

Yo Tikal is the perfect g/f I guess? for Knuckles as she is also an Echidna. so good choice there instead of Rouge as some ppl say, ok blah blah. anyway.

The prev/next chapter & pause button feature is good & essential if you want to find all the trophies.

BTW the word mayeb is actually s'posed to be spelt MAYBE.

I think Trophie #14 is missing too as I can't find it & I'm pretty sure it ain't there.


tricky haunts my nightmares...............

its ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

uhm i like those knuckles adventure,s he he i really like part 1 so keep up making new parts


Wait a minute!

Is Mighty really a Sonic character? He does look very much like Sonic. Is it a creation of an fanboy or is he genuine? I have to ask RH about this...
Here is RH's response.

Note from Raccoon with A Hammer:

First off, congrats on your series! Yeah, it's one of my favorite series. Don't believe me, I will ask Dark Volcano Sam to add it to his favorite. Oh right, to answer my friend's question, I will educate him with a history lesson. Mighty the Armadillo is indeed a character created by Sonic Team. He appears on the same game that Epsio, Vector, and Charmy co-star in, Knuckles Chaotix. It seems that they want to make a game that stars Knux and not Sonic, but doesn't want to lose the appeal that makes it a Sonic game. So they introduce a character which looks and performs like him. What's up with that? Do they think Sonic would be a show stealer? Anyway, this opens up doors for fanboys who are designers to help themselves and create a Mighty sprite. I think the author is one the those designers. The same can be said in vice-versa. I witnessed an image that looks like the title to "Knuckles Chaotix", but Mighty has been modified to look like the Blue Blur. Amazing how we can use the power of PhotoShop. All of the fanboys can agree is that Mighty is not very popular. I mean IT'S SO OBVIOUS THAT WE DON'T NEED ANOTHER SONIC!! That's the history I have been told. GOT IT? Good. Now Jacob, please continue with the series. I WANT A KNUCKLES ADVENTURE 8, and it better be the real thing!!


That made me laugh! Keep it up! Your style rocks!