Reviews for "Knuckles Adventure 1"

i loved the original

and this "revamped" version is even better buddy! loving the extra features and i decided to watch the whole thing from start to finihsh anyway... it was THAt good! nice jukebox too

dragged on too long

Sorry, I got kinda bored with it a few minutes in, and even after that it just kept going on and on and--*THWACK*-- ow. Anyways, try to make the dialogue a bit more funny or something (without a billion silly cusswords or cock 'n balls jokes). I'll check out part 2 anyways.


This is a remake of the first Knuckles adventure you made now isn't it? Not bad, looks the same though.

good old knuckles

You know, im a fan of the sonics and havent seen a lot about them lately and the such so good job, but i recall seeing the phrase "ass-hat" ass-hat? i mean really, do you actually say that? You have ym pity =)