Reviews for "Knuckles Adventure 1"


it was awesome

Good remix

Yo Tikal is the perfect g/f I guess? for Knuckles as she is also an Echidna. so good choice there instead of Rouge as some ppl say, ok blah blah. anyway.

The prev/next chapter & pause button feature is good & essential if you want to find all the trophies.

BTW the word mayeb is actually s'posed to be spelt MAYBE.

I think Trophie #14 is missing too as I can't find it & I'm pretty sure it ain't there.

that was pretty cool

i liked the whole classic sonic feel and the merging of Nintendo and sega. I am definatly watching the other KA movies now!

Yeah, buddy! The remix!

Hey Yo!
I figured that this would happen since the other Knux Adventures had easter eggs in them. This is quite better than the first, but original still.
I love these. Can't wait for KA4!


YOU RULE AND SO DOES THIS I ALWAYS THOUGHT KNUCKLES WAS BETTER AND HE IS GOOD WORK. You would of had a straight 10 from me (which is almost impossible to get from me) but the sound just got so bad at some parts other then that this was perfect ad if you make the part 2 to this then that might get the straight 10 from me. as for on the voting I'll give this a 5