Reviews for "Knuckles Adventure 1"

Good stuff

And I happen to like that bit of music during the sign-up!

That's the Kitty N song from the first Bust a Groove (remixed). That game is awesome.

Getting back to the review...

Graphics are pretty decent. The sound helps of course. Just wish there was a bit more of it (ideally some of the dialogue or just non-speaking sounds :-p ).

Anywho, keep up the good work.

I really liked Knuckles Adventure

The problem is I've already seen it! Now, I realize the point is the trophies, but I want the next episode!

Hey, it was alright.

i like how they made fun of bad music, used graphics from Many Clasics (Zelda 3) Character (Link) and the gay guy from River city Ransom.
Also Mortal Combat, and another nintedo game.
Its a Ok lets see.


that was an awsome Sonic/Link parody. can i have knackles?


Found em all

This movie was so friggin cool!!! Can't wait for part 4,and sub-zero using a fire hydrant....lol.