Reviews for "Knuckles Adventure 1"

right on

that was pretty badass. Cant wait for the next one!

Cool shit

Very cool. Better than any other Zelda/Sonic/Game etc. parody I have ever seen on Newgrounds. Can't wait for episode 2!!!

Pretty good.

I thought it was overall good. The graphics were ok and the humor was better. The last 2 songs in the game were annoying. Especially the Bar song, god I hate that song. Btw, what Zelda graphics were those?! I've never seen them before.


LMAO this is pretty funny but nintendo is different from sega isnt it??? o well but this is coo lol i think that knackles guy is pretty cool tho but WHO CARES ABOUT KNUCKLES i think sonic kicks nuckles ass.. pluss Sonic can go Super.. Plus Knuckles.. i think he is gay... he cares about his friggen emerald WAYYYYY to much.. lol o well good show good show peace out


This is one damn good movie. I really like the music in it. It was funny too. And you gotta love the easter eggs. I only found two but they where cool. Can't wait till the next one!. Kudo to you!