Reviews for "Knuckles Adventure 1"

pretty good, waiting for more

The movie was good, the link and ganondorf sprites ivenever seen before. Whre'd you get them? And Hiei being the villain is great, and definitely something new.

wheres #14 and #20

two things one i cant find your e-mail to e-mail all the tropheys. and second there is no trophy #14 or #20 now if you could reply one this subject that would be great. or if some body else could point out in one of there reviews where those trophys are i would like that.


i love the movies made by vgdc and what made this movie eeven better it that heia from yu yu hakusho is the villian its bitchen.

that was a good movie

great movie but who the hell reads that slow.

f-ing great

great story, the speech bubble were fine except in a few places.

u better be working ur ass making the next one!