Reviews for "Knuckles Adventure 1"

I've enough trouble getting the last melee trophy!

Gee I wonder where the first one is
2+3: somewhere on an edge of the center text box
4: click a shield
5: click Tikal's outer hair or shoes
6: Click the G when he screams MIGHTY
7+8: the table after Mighty wakes up
9: Click Mighty after he gets tossed into the room at some point
10: Click Knuckles after Mighty gets tossed into the portal ok
11: Click on Mighty as Knuckles is going after the bush
12: Knuckles after he gets the pendant
13: click on the broomstick where the bar is
15+16: Bartender as Mighty runs toward him
17: Click left of the Bartender
18: The beer he gets
19: Click under Knuckles shoes in knight fight
21: dead knight
22: master emerald wow
23: that weird business-suit guy on far right same scene
24: white ninja guy on left once again same scene
25: book thing
26: sign at some point it works
27: click on the book AFTER they approach
29: black vest in dancing guy scene
Easter Egg: Ocarina on the table right of the bow, left of the shield and bomb

ok i really am having trouble finding the others, good luck -_-*

great job!

Ive seen them all now and this is the worst one.If i had watched 1-6 like any normal person would have it would have been getting better and better,but now its getting worse!Um,great movie anyway.

really good

this good I can't wait for the next adventure

Gauthier youve done it again!

Best sprite flash.
'I think the guy on the right was really gay.'

well ..

I am beginning to see quite a few SWF that rip *cough* BORROW sprites but this is the first I've seen that borrows backdrops from SNES carts as well. I don't know .. I'm just wanting that custom look where everything is original including the backdrops.

You really worked on this, I can see that (playing your SWF) but it's just not for me.

Sorry. :)