Reviews for "Knuckles Adventure 1"


w00t! I laughed my Tan off. Funny. Keep it up. ^.^


Its an overall interesting movie and im looking forward to seeing the next ones in the series. Sometimes it tries a little too hard to be funny though.

wow this is gunna be a great adventure

This is my first ever review of any flash movie, game or other so dont send emails to me saing im a crappy reviewer I HAVE AN EXCUSE! Anyway this was a fantastic movie, i always love when video game characters combine eg. knuckles + Link and i loved the cameo apperance from Dr. Robotic very funny. My fav. character was mighty he reminds me of someone i know that is like that every sat. night. In conclusion cant wait to watch part 2 well done jake

So... COOL!!

I never thought I would see the day when someone could make a Flash crossing differant games that was this good. The jokes were great, that graphics awsome,and the whole thing ruled!

You gave this entry a 5, raising its score to 3.81! n_n
and OMG I know the shawdow character!

great i dont think i've seen anything better

wot a great movie i hope you make many more and thats all about it really good luck with the others