Reviews for "Knuckles Adventure 1"

Absolutely the best

All your Knuckles Adventures rock! Please make more! And even more after that!

Trophy Glitch!!!!!!!!! 1

If you get the first trophy, then right click, and press forward, each time you press forward you will see all the Trophies then you can play the Earster Egg, but the music will be messed up. Sore wa torofii ra desu!!!!!!!!!!


That was cool and funny great job on this flash ^^

Amazing! I never seen SO MANY EPISODES!

You are doing very good that 8 episodes lasted for 2 in a half hours to finish. Each movie took long and got interesting. You are the best! No one should grade this a zero or a 1. This movie should be rated a 10 or a 9. But mostly a 10! You have done this for many years and you do good. Bye and good luck doing part 8. Bye (which I just said.)

youu are da knuckles bomb

thanx man.you made the best thing ever.you rule.i just got here a day ago so i didn't have to wait for 1-8 but i hope 9 comes out soon.you'll get good reviews on all of these.thanx