Reviews for "Knuckles Adventure 1"

good job

im going to sue ;mighty is based on me, and i was never paid or consulted on the use of my irish persona. furthermore, if mighty is based on me i find it offensive that you would depict the irish like that. |:(
ps. as far as im concerned i invented that emoticon.

knuckles rules

i enjoyed it, a bit dull but still quite amusing, i'll be watchin the rest shortly

That was hilarious!!!

It was so funny when Knux was talking about what he was gonna do to Mighty! "...I'LL BITE YOUR BALLS OFF AND FEED THEM TO MY CHAO!!!" ROFLMAO!!!

Cool ^^

Hey this is the first review i ever made. Anyway i really liked it. ^^ I'm new here so im gonna see all your movies. I bet its as good as the others!

Lmao good Sprites

Nice work you even Done 9 i watched all aswell
Good :)