Reviews for "Knuckles Adventure 1"


all of em get tens! (except 5) Also, there was a glitch. If you get the first badge then right clik forward to see #2, and so on until there was none. But this messes up the music. Also, click play on that one to go to a wierd musiced easter egg.'


@!#$% yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FUCKING AWSOME!!!!!!YOU ARE AWSOME DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!FUCKING GREAT!!!!!!!!!YYYYEEEEEAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!ummm...pretty much...I LOVE THIS SERIES!!!!!!!!!!im only gonna write on 1 though i have watched them all 10000000000000000 times...mostly my favorite is #6 :)...AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


kinda ciil buyt long
ty[pin wit gfist


A Series about Knuckles.. a GOOD series about Knuckes.

It's funny, its got secrets (lots of clicky-on-screen stuff) and its not dull and all "Goody-two-shoes" like some of the sonic stuff. It makes me wish i could write flash programs

This was one of the better ones

Im not a huge fan of sprite movies but this one was really good. keep it up