Reviews for "Knuckles Adventure 1"

best serie ever

this is the best serie ever and the principal character is knuckles my favorite sonic character yes!

I'm like totally into this whole series!

I mean really, I even think about this in my head for a long time all the episodes 1 through 9! Probably 10 when it comes out. I like how Link kills all those Hylian Soldiers, it's so damn funny! And when Mighty gets drunk at the bar. But why did you say Alex was gay? River City Ransom looks like a great NES game, please don't do that shit again! Knuckles is the beast!

its the best sprite serie i have ever seen

its the better sprtie serie i have ever seen and it also got the logner movies i have ever seen too

This rules so much

Knuckles adventure is THE BEST SPRITE serie!


that was some funny stuff right there man, the others were really good too