Reviews for "Please"

Cris and clean

Boy, I was scared something was wrong with my headphones when I started the song, I dropped it last night '-_-

But of course a review is about your song ^^ and not my headphones '-_-

The overall vibe was very clean, with the little bells. When the choir started to sing I thought it was awesome, but then the saxophone came in ^^! Yeah, that definitely was a good move. Then the beat came and boy, it was clean, did you make it with a cajon?

On the overall I'm happy :) You now have a new awesome song and my day started great :)


Another great jazz song

This song is great. Once again, you give us a good jazz song. I couldn't identify some of the instruments, but they were all great. I think this song would also fit in "Ambient" classification.

I haven't much to say, just that this song is great. You're very creative using instruments, I hope you request more reviews at the...

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Very Nice

I thought this was a very nice sounding track, the opening was good and the way it built up was also very good. Also, I liked the fact that it was pretty diffrent through the whole track as oppose to using the same sounds over and over. It had very nice flow to it and everything.

The end part was a little more upbeat than the earlier parts but still fit in well and it also ended pretty well to, so good work on that. I can't hear any problems with this, it all seemed to fit together very well, so keep that up! :)



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Smooth Tunes

Pretty pleasant if you ask me.


A nice catchy tune, quite clear, with excellent variation.

I really liked the atmosphere from it, and nice melody too, reminded me of menu music for something, calm and soothing.

Liked the way it built up too, excellend job

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