Reviews for "Please"

Soft, but nice

This makes for a great easy listening type of tune. I liked how all of the instruments worked together here to make something sound so unique and different from a lot of the other songs I've heard on here. I really enjoyed the sound quality a lot as well as the length of the song. This was just simply an overall awesome audio contribution! Great job!

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Jurian responds:


5/5 and 10/10!

- Good stuff -
Awesome beat, a great range of instruments, amazing length and none of the instruments were too loud; out of sync; taking too much of the song up. All good stuff. :)

- Bad stuff -

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First review on NG!

Well, just wanted to tell you I really enjoy your work, its really good.
Very nice song.
Keep it up!


totally awesome!

So good

Is so...OK, I don't have any words to describe this song...except...great...yes

OK, not the best, but is good. Also, one of the many great songs on Newgrounds. Follow the good work, man.