Reviews for "Please"


I can't find anything wrong with this...... At all..... This is the first submission I've heard that makes a sax sound really great and at home. Also, the drums are really great! It sounds kinda like a beat that FL would prerecord and put in their suite. Really amazing job, top score for all! ALL MY FIVES ARE BELONG TO YOU

Smooth Tunes

Pretty pleasant if you ask me.

Nice, entertaining Christmas-like song

Hy there!

I must say I definiteli liked this song - the sax, vibes, piano, choir... and the drumbeat. Nicely flowing and chilling experience. I don't have really serious complaints against it.

Some minor ideas:
Maybe a slow solo part for the choir with some bell-vibe guide without the drumbeat would lift the song even more. Or a longer sax solo... or a crazyer piano run. If you'd brake the flow of the song would give more diversity to it. That's why I gave "only" 9/10 to it.

Otherwise I've voted 5 on it - good song, great melody, drumbeat and experience. I liked it. And the more I'm listening to it the more I like it. Great job. Keep it up!

Best whishes:

Cris and clean

Boy, I was scared something was wrong with my headphones when I started the song, I dropped it last night '-_-

But of course a review is about your song ^^ and not my headphones '-_-

The overall vibe was very clean, with the little bells. When the choir started to sing I thought it was awesome, but then the saxophone came in ^^! Yeah, that definitely was a good move. Then the beat came and boy, it was clean, did you make it with a cajon?

On the overall I'm happy :) You now have a new awesome song and my day started great :)


Nice easy listen

The beginning was nice, and I love the strong beat halfway through. Overall, great piece. Sounds like you put a lot of time into it.