Reviews for "Please"

Nice easy tune

By 'Easy', I mean the fact that it is easy on the ears, rather than easy to play or anything like that. You've added two, three or even four different pieces together at one point, which beld together really well and the overall effect is quite impressive.

I quite liked the choral sounds in the background towards the end of the track. Wouldn't call it Jazz though - maybe easy listening or ambient music.

Still, a great piece. Keep up the good work

Jurian responds:

Thanks for the review, glad you liked it, so what made it an 8, instead of a superior 10:P

5/5 and 10/10!

- Good stuff -
Awesome beat, a great range of instruments, amazing length and none of the instruments were too loud; out of sync; taking too much of the song up. All good stuff. :)

- Bad stuff -

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This is a good track! Simple and ambient, with a nice mixture of different sounds. Flows great. Gets jazzy first at the end, but it's a great track, love it, keep up the good work!


Soft, but nice

This makes for a great easy listening type of tune. I liked how all of the instruments worked together here to make something sound so unique and different from a lot of the other songs I've heard on here. I really enjoyed the sound quality a lot as well as the length of the song. This was just simply an overall awesome audio contribution! Great job!

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Jurian responds:



I like this song. It's very varied and has a great tune to it.

The quality of the sound is very good, too. No instrument is overpowered, everything can be heard just fine. I also like the concept of the song. It's quite and very relaxing.

The beat is very nice, too. So, no complaints just praises from me ;) .

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