Reviews for "Please"

Calm and Cool

This audio was really great, I loved how cool (calm) it was, and I think it is flawless, Nice work... If that is really jazz, I really should look in the jazz category more often...

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This is definitely the good kind of Jazz right here. It's very groovy, and not something that you would find playing on the Weather Channel. You mixed a bit of techno into this throughout the song, which I find to be very enjoyable to listen to. It even has a certain ominous sound to it, which I always find goes very well with songs that have a slower pace.

Very Nice

I thought this was a very nice sounding track, the opening was good and the way it built up was also very good. Also, I liked the fact that it was pretty diffrent through the whole track as oppose to using the same sounds over and over. It had very nice flow to it and everything.

The end part was a little more upbeat than the earlier parts but still fit in well and it also ended pretty well to, so good work on that. I can't hear any problems with this, it all seemed to fit together very well, so keep that up! :)



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Another great jazz song

This song is great. Once again, you give us a good jazz song. I couldn't identify some of the instruments, but they were all great. I think this song would also fit in "Ambient" classification.

I haven't much to say, just that this song is great. You're very creative using instruments, I hope you request more reviews at the...

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Wonderful Streets of Rage-esque tune.

Have you played much Streets of Rage? This tune definitely has a bit of that sorta vibe about it.

Almost needless to say, I love the sorta electronic-jazzy technoish sound.

I felt the bit at around 1:14 sounds a tad bare.

Love the instrument that comes in around 1:27.

I don't have much to say about this - I'm just looking forward to getting back home and listening to more of your stuff. Do you also make loops?

It is all balanced brilliantly, the instruments complement each other well... as usual the only real suggestion for improvement I can think of is to add more going on.

But this is ace.