Reviews for "Please"


you have a great talent for sotthing melodies i look forward to your other works

5/5 + favorited

Jazz. I suppose.

First the echo bottles you used I think generally was a bad choice. They just didn't sound very good echoing every second of the song. Well this song definitely isn't bad. It was actual a pretty nice track. I didn't really like the panning at all. I just felt unbalanced. You don't have to attack one of my ears to make me notice something. The sax or whatever that was seemed to lack alot of emotion. In general though the piece was kind of funky. I thought the percussion didn't really hold itself up very well. If all the melodies were dropped from the song I don't know how engaging the percussion itself would be. Sounds like something someone would beebox* up. Piano in general was ok but for some reason the chords didn't flow into eachother very well. Arrangement itself seemed kind of questionable as things dropped in and out at random.

(+)Themes are very nice. Chords are pronounced well.
+Guitar is very well done. Carries the song nicely with it's Jazz Chords and soulful clicks.
+Echo bells actually have a nice dip to them. Whatever the hell that means.
+Generally ok solos. Nothing fantastic. Not a minus though.

(-)The sound choice for me was very entertaining.
(-)the panning is just...it feels unbalanced.
(-)chords don't flow early on. And later seem very generic in execution.
(-)Sometimes feels crowed without much balance highlighted what should be heard.
(-)Echo bell was...a uninspired choice.
(-)The song never builds upwards. It drops things but never soars to something greater.

10+4=14-8=6 (Final Score)

Wow.. Gifted

You definitely have a gift for creating music. The power this song builds as it progresses is incredible. I look forward to more of your work. Thank you for making this.


This is really a modern jazz!! Keep going!!


A nice catchy tune, quite clear, with excellent variation.

I really liked the atmosphere from it, and nice melody too, reminded me of menu music for something, calm and soothing.

Liked the way it built up too, excellend job

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