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Reviews for "anime comic 2"

There should be a "Writing" category in reviews

..for if there was, you'd get a 9 or ten here. You have an entertaining plot going on, and only a very minimal amount of grammar/spelling errors as well.

And thatis quite rare for NG. I am looking forward to more installments.

(also, you made good music choices, they really fit the scenes.)

its s shame you stripped it down

how much bigger wouldnt it really have been with a cool title screen dude? this was high quality folash and i too am optimistic about what you have on offer. very good work buddy ol pal, keep them coming, i liked the visuals


does billy know that timmy and joe are mad at eachother because robert is really a clone of jeremy? or does pete and kate know that adam knows about steve who knows that sarah and gerald are eachothers parents?

you need to stick with a character for a minute. we need some kind of foundation. i had no clue as to what was going on. and when i tried to remember who was who.. i couldnt keep up with the text. good job on the animation though it was great. keep it up!


I think you have massive potential. There are a few things you could improve on, but I really like what your doing. Please keep it comming.

Great movie!

Honestly, you have something great going with this series. And may I say good music as well, keep up the good work!