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Reviews for "anime comic 2"

Alright story, hard to understand...

The text went by WAY to fast. It's easy for people who make the flash to read it becasue they know what the people say, but for people watching it for the first time, it hard to read a few lines in such short time.

this was ok if i was into this junk

it was ok i mean it was like a real anime shit kinda thing but u know good animation but sometimes crappy pictures but it was ok id give it a 10 if i liked anime but ill give it a 7

the animations are pretty good

and the anime characters are better than most of the movies on newgrounds (exept mine of course)
the story had a real anime fealing to it asswell (better than the shit storys i come up with)
good work

I like it!

You seem to like Kairi's theme a whole lot...

tyokio responds:

i dont realy have a choice. i have no other music that suits a calm setting. well there was one but flash would not take it.

i like it

yep that basicly explains it all, I like it. im gonna wait for the next one.