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Reviews for "_-={Endearing Blaze}=-_"

you are....

by far the best on NG. Im surprised ur not with motion pictures or something. this is truly a masterpiece man. This is my style as well. I like hvin a classical feel with my style of hip hop. You're my inspiration man when it comes to true orchresta.

You will make it big...that i guarantee man!!

keep it goin and god bless

very final fantasy

especially the bridge aproaching the choir part, bery bery good, really i put your stuff in my itunes

wow another great song

you just keep producing songs with great emotions

Hot Damn

this track is fucking amazing.
i gotta say this song is very poetic sounding, and has real emotion behind it.
the fire crackling makes it feel like someone is mourning after his village was ransacked.
just all the way through it sound amazing.
Good work.


A nice ambient masterpiece. Smooth, simple, varying and with pretty powerful sound too. Keep up the great work!