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Reviews for "_-={Endearing Blaze}=-_"

but of course

i dont so much see ambiance, i see three people sitting around a fire, one holding a knife, another holding an ax and the third holding a sword, as their eyes dart back and forth they all have only one thought, "who is going to fall asleep first"


This is brilliant, almost perfect...
You, really did this... wow!!!

I picture

some village burning, after an attack from monsters, its...perfect

Searching for something...

This is a very nice piece Maestro. I can easily picture many people busy with...ugh...MATH homework while listening to this piece. I have a story. Here it is. A young man is searching for something. He is searching for something that must be found from within. Something that must be found by searching deep into ones heart and bringing it forth into the world. What is it that he is looking for? What is it that he searches for so earnestly? Here it is. Here are his thoughts.
To seek my light...could it mean...the light of...the heart? I'll have to look into this a bit more. Maybe...maybe a walk through the town will help my mind about all this...hmm...to seek...my light... the man thought to himself as he questioned as to what was fake and what was reality. Keep up the good work...


Very warm and easy. Nicely done yet again