Reviews for "plasma jazz"

Very good combination

Very jazzy and electronic too. Very nice.

Good overall, but...

I'll say it again... you use the same drum samples in almost every song you make... same goes for the synths, too... I heard the same synth that was in the intro to The Traveller somewhere in the middle here. It's good, and all your songs are great, but changing up the drum samples/synths would make it better, because everyone likes diversity. And if I'm right, you're using GarageBand? If that's true, are those synths/samples presets or something? Now while your music is good, I suggest you get FL Studio or Reason if those synths/samples ARE presets.

Just a suggestion :D

9/10 (-1 star for the diversity thing)

Stan-SB responds:

yeah ok but the drum loops new and im not sure which synth ur talking about theyre all new aswell nevemind
thx for the review


Great stuff man. Keep it up. Kinda repetitive, but I really don't care.


Nice 5/5 10/10 its really good has a nice fast tempo to it and it would be repetitive but something bout it makes u keep listening i dont really know, in my mind it makes my brain think something big is comeing up. so yeh its one of thoose songs wre ppl will listen to it all the way through so good luck hope u dont get bombed!

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