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Reviews for "TERRAIN: Chapter 2"

Well, for one thing...

You Could Have Added A MachineGun into our weapon selection cuz yeah, keep on clicking the mouse button really annoys me. Ive played this game b4 too, and I like it. Kepp up the good work. And what the Hell was that all about? I'm talking about The Teleportation in that hallway and then I clicked on the left side of that wall like thing and the alarm went off, and I got killed... Well, never mind Im not gonna press it again... Good music and all.

Flawed but beautiful none the less

I really enjoyed the story in this one over the first which I gave a rave review but this definitely made the bar rise. The gameplay aspect was something to behold!
I liked that we as the players got to do things like take on bosses and interact a little more but that Trawl monster or whatever the falling monster is almost made me give up until I just buckled down and clicked as fast as my tired fingers could.
I hated the glitch that came after I touched the prisoner and shot those shooting robots too fast. It's almost like I gotta wait until I get hit first to hit them. That glitch made me have to start over again and I hate that. Good thing for that damn password system.
But thanks for the game, it kept me entertained inbetween me thinking of what to write next. As a writer, sometimes I need distractions and this game was still quite a good one............just don't make my fingers hurt so much from clicking next time.


This was terrible! Huge let down after the first. First boss thing: Click as fast as you can. Second: Click as fast as you can. And that pretty much sums up the entire pike of overall suckage this game was. Clicketyclicketyclickety...SO BORING!!!!! The graphics were great though. But the game was terrible, I am sorry to say.

Just like the first

This was just like the first... Good.

Just like I liked the first one I enjoyed this chapter of terrain and expect to enjoy the 3rd chapter also.

good game

cool game. I just cheated at the trawl monster part and I did not know how the heck I sneaked pass that welder bot. Just clicked the moment I was at that scene and was brought across the bridge without incident(after countless attempts though).