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Reviews for "Uber-Rave!"

epic song :D!

oh my god this song will forever be one of the few that ill always have. i cant even explain how amazing this song is. but it has so many memories tied to it from my life. great work sir.

hey, man this is kickass!!

I'm guessing you used flash studio 8 to make this. but I'm not sure where to go to find it. don't you have to pay to download that? if so, how much? I think shazzka wants your advice on finding a music maker, so do alot of us! XD

the best

this is just sick!!!, the start bits heaps good man, hey what program ya use to make this? could ya tell me? coz ive been lookin for a good program for making songs... thx.

anyway sick song, make more like this :D



Absolutely one of the best techno songs ever made!


never tought it was on newgrounds when i dled for stepmania :) i always tought: if this song was on newgrounds it would be top song
but it ain't :( too sad