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Reviews for "Uber-Rave!"


Ok,because of you,I now make songs.I want to be as good as you.And the person who reviewed this before me,Daft Punk is cool.I am suprised u remember them.They wernt popular here for very long.It was like they got a gig on Cartoon Network,did a Gap commercial,put out a CD and then they just disappeared.But we would want Rage to go further than that,wouldnt we.I would.

damn you are good!!!

i have to say that you are very talented with this shit. you should really submit this stuff to a record company or something. i mean i would pay for this if it was a cd. you have alot of good songs. i bet you could go as far as like daft punk or something. man you should really keep up the good work. oh and try to do something like rob zombie, that'd be pretty cool. ya know like the metal and techno mix, i bet you could really put something together. i liked his song from the matrix two, time to die, yea you should do something like that with the big ass opening, that'd kick ass. well keep up the fucking awesome work, laterz.


Great tallent

you have incredible skill, do you use turntables, synths, comps, gates, what?


I love how fast paced it was, good job. you are clearly one of newgrounds better artists :)