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Reviews for "Link's Final Saga Part 1"

i liked it

he should have been inside the cell, but meh


very funny i cant wait untill next one comes

wiked! carry on!!

well you get the go ahead from me :) i really hope you do carry on this series as the introduction i see before me is pretty damn sweet! make more buddy


this was junk! a nice attempt but not worth anyones time

Great work with this. Alot better than most Zelda Parodies, and it had a real nice touch to it. You've got a good sense of humour, but the plot isn't developing too much. Since you said your trying to get the storyline done first, I'm thinking it doesn't have much of a plot. Nice work on this though. Just go easy on the blood, and remember. Parodies are humorous insults etcetera. Keep people laughing like you did in this one. Good work.