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Reviews for "Link's Final Saga Part 1"

Why does link need a key?

I mean i didn't see any locked doors around. he could of walk his ass out. other than that this movie kick ass. keep em coming

This was ok.

This had kind of a pointless story, but it was alright. It ended way too suddenly. Yous hould take out that scream too, I hear that on a lot of flash movies and it annoys me.

eklobo responds:

Yes I know this first episodes was extremely short but I am working on the next one and it will be much longer. Many ppl like the scream and about the storyline, it's a serie, next episodes will develop the story better.


you used that sound file mans scream2 from that free sound effect site, lol i used that sound file 2 make a Boo! flash ( u know the one that u scare ppl by making them jump)

Cool movie, can't wait for the next one...

Coollittle movie, nice to see a Link to the past like link movie. Also though, Aghnim (hopefully thats how you spell it) is Gannon, isn't he? Ne way overall good movie keep em coming.

Story could use some work.

I like what you've started here, but it feels like you're falling a bit short on plot. The setting is nice, Link and Zelda living in some house (the maid part was a nice touch) but there wasn't enough explanation as to why he was taken in the first place. It all felt like a bunch of random events. That might have been a small whiplash of mixing things, though. Well, I think if you keep it up it could turn out pretty cool, I think it's got potential. Oh, and maybe squeeze a bit more character movement and surprises in there; just some suggestions. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.