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Reviews for "Link's Final Saga Part 1"


That was a good sprite movie. I'm planning to do such a movie and I was inspired by what you've done.

The plot was stupid

This flash was pretty good, using nes and snes backgrounds and sprites. The best scene was when Link realized that he still had his weapons. Whenever you start a new zelda game he doesnt have any. Like Majoras Mask, Link didnt have any of the items he acquired in OOT. If I were Link I would have kept them(and im sure everyone else would too).


I like flash movies made with old game graphics.
but like 2 of the text bubbles went to fast to read........
and was kinda short.
Im gongi to watch part 2 good work man

Not bad....

I liked it but i have sum problems....the tect goes too fast....and at his house it looks kinda plain add like sum trees....and one last problem was that you used 16 bit link and then a shot from 8 bit...doesnt matter itz all good

eklobo responds:

thanks for the comments and suggestions, about the different links shots, that was meant to happen, as I said on my comments, i mixed NES and SNES links and the music


What is wrong with chicken? Not really a sprite fan, but I like good stories, and this one of them. Not really the best in the action, one cut and they are beheaded? heh. Hope to see part two soon.