Reviews for "Bush in a Nutshell"

oh boy i am gonna try my privliges to review this.

holy shit i just killed myself


the end
great movie. keep up the good work. lol (walking away)

FourStar responds:

thank you sir


hahaha... "this world trade centre crap is making my rating go through the roof!" - ROFL!!
and the best bit is.. im british ;-)

FourStar responds:

swell :-D


lmfao ...its a shame alot of ppl are pencil dicks and dont have a sense of humour :S this was worth a five and from now on every day im going to vote 5 for this

FourStar responds:

sweet jesus thats swell :-D


The way they talk in this movie is pretty funny stuff! Not much of a review, but i'm not feeling very creative right now.

FourStar responds:

im not either :-D


I like the way they talk in the movie. Funny Shit.

FourStar responds:

yet another review by the review masta