Reviews for "Bush in a Nutshell"

Didn't make me laugh once! Was really Stupid!

This is absolute GARBAGE!!!


it is said in the 1 line summry

Skootchie says..

So true, so true. Thank you. You've made my day.

ha ha ha!

i liked it even though im not very into political stuff. i really liked the bamabamabam! thing with the big exclimaton marks

good flash

FourStar responds:


I have two sides on this Flash.

On one hand, it seems to deserve a zero for mentioning conspiracy theory related material pertaining to 9/11 and the war with Iraq.

On the other hand, it made me, a Republican, laugh at this nutshell! I give you the benefit there and break this even with 5/10.

FourStar responds:

i dont think it's a conspiracy myself, i do think that bush did not do enough to prevent it however, but it is over and done with, so there is really nothing you can do about it. im glad you found the movie humorous sir