Reviews for "Bush in a Nutshell"


LOL!!!! ok I hate bush..so damn that was funny XD

Unquestionably Hilarious

Although I am a libretarian (not to be confused with liberal) who largely supports Bush, I can't deny that this was EXTREMELY FUNNY!!!
I especially liked the part about the Gore election strategy and the pic with Bush holding the phone upside down.
Even conservatives should vote 400,000,000

Your movie while funny is increablely quiet.

I am soo happy that i am not the only one who thinks that is what REALLY happened.

I think he has the face of a monkey.
*(`o`)* give george his bananna before he throws his feices at you for he is cranky about choking on a pretzel shaped as a bananna (so misleading for the young chimp)


Ya know...it's flash toons like these that make me want to piss on the people who ask me why I'm an anarchist...good job. The sound was a little quiet, but other than that pretty good...


Interesting how you beleive these things are amusing and funny. This movie was completely racist. You are so clueless you don't even know what our president does for us? He keeps other places from killing U.S.A. He keeps you alive and I don't know why he does. Please don't respond to me, I don't want gay to rub off on me. You know, I don't even care if you respond because I just won't read it. If your age was the same as your IQ, you wouldn't be born yet and you would have the intelligance of a rock. Get it...probably don't. And remember when I said that stupid thing for FOX in a nutshell? Fox rocks exept for those stupid reality shows, yes, but I wasn't trying to be funny. I was serious. You need to make real shows that actually have a point, because you have no sense of humor. If you do respond, I don't care, because all of your responces are worth poop (yes, I don't swear). Please make real jokes, not the offencive ones. Go hang yourself, burn the remanings, and sell them to toilets.