Reviews for "Bush in a Nutshell"


That was great, you are even better at making fun of bush then hugo chavez.


I feel like making a confusing review. you did good, but it was terrible. you could have done better, but its perfect. you suck at making flash movies and in life, but I bow at your greatness!


seriously, though. overall zero. terrible.

Simple and funny.

The graphics and sound were awful, but that's what made it funny. Seriously, the funniest movies on NG are the least in quality.

I think Bush if the only person to ever die on a Segway, too.

Now the world can know....

This flash is probably the most truthfull thing I've seen in my life. I want to thank you for making this. It brought tears to my eyes as I agian heared those fatefull words "Evildoer", and "Nuklear (It's hard to type easier to say it the way Bush does)", and made my chest swell with "patriotism" When I relived the many excuses for the war on terrorism. If anyone on NG is from a different country, this is baisicly what happened. And then, the people of the united states made life even better by RE-electing him.... How can we re-elect somebody who can barely spell his own name?

I love how this makes fun of that cock sucker.

This deserves a medal. I loved how the voices sounded like people using helium. This was hilarious because Bush is the worst president we've ever had! Doesn't it amaze you how some people support that sun of a bitch? Anyway great flash!