Reviews for "Bush in a Nutshell"


That was hilarious! With Bush as the president its like planet of the apes! What sucks though is that there are enough dumbasses in America to get him back into office! oh well, make more!

FourStar responds:

yeah, it does suck. i plan on making a disney one next

ok.... i guess.

It was a good movie and because it was making fun of bush it wan't to bad, but I think you could have pointed out more things like how every speech starts with "My fellow Americans", and ends with "God bless America" but other than that not to bad at all.

FourStar responds:

eh, thats not really a big deal compared to how much he uses the word uh and how often he pronounces words wrong


that movie was awesome!!!!!!!!11

Lol. Total coolness.

Ya, animation and voices weren't the best, but it was really funny. I think it's sad our president is so horribly easy to make fun of. Dean for President, 2004!

pretty damn good

Thats a good movie man, the voices r crappy, but i think that makes it good