Reviews for "Fake Teenick Advertisement"


mmmm........sexual. i hate crappy high school dramas, but i love that 70's show. fuckin a, man.

sumidiotdude responds:

Don't come back in a dress man. Haha, queer.

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When time does this show come on? I wanna watch it!!

sumidiotdude responds:

At Platform 9 3/4.

The humor is there, but the art is lacking

It's funny how that is basically what most of their ads are of,
but the art leaves something to be desired, now I'm sure you've seen some of my animations and how I'm no artistic genius so I hope you aren't disheartened by my hyporcitical judgement,
but some of the text is difficult to read (specifically the text under the guy) and the drawing just seems messy, not because his body is out of proportion but because the smoothing is so awkward, I suggest in flash you lower the smoothing a tad, or raise it.... whichever you prefer, and what suits your art style.

im sure i overanalyzed this lol but u asked for a review so..... here it is lolz

peace out home dawg.

sumidiotdude responds:

Thanks for the review man. I really don't know why it matters what status you are on this site, constructive criticism is constructive criticism, haha.

Anyway, the body does need some work, I could never draw people very well. I had the idea floating in my head, but just the Teenick logo plus text would be plain. The text being difficult to read is understandable as well. I didn't have much room, but it is in an unpleasant location and is hard to read.

Anyway, thanks for the tips bro, they are always appreciated. See you later!

worst shit

i like it!

sumidiotdude responds:

Best review

I hate it!


The picture does have some humor, but the guy just doesn't look that good.

sumidiotdude responds:

Alright, thanks for the honest and down-to-Earth review!