Reviews for "Super Mario Land (Remix)"

GR8 Just GR8

Bring back lods of memories

newskies responds:

thanks but I'd really like to see the improved version reviewed more...

Wow! lol

All i have to say is: WHAT'S THE IMPROVED VERSION CALLED!!??
Sorry, my caps were on... Visit me!

newskies responds:

lol it's called SuperMarioLandRemix (Improved)

Uber sweet

They shoulda used this one for the games!

newskies responds:

there is an improved version of it, but thanks!

One of the best I've heard

Even if it may be somewhat messed up, it's still an epic piece and is still awesome.

newskies responds:

of course it's messed up! that's why there is an improved version!!! thanks anyways

8-bit glory

Awesome remix. Bass is great, and the beat had me going.
Great job!

newskies responds:

thanks, but please check out the improved version!