Reviews for "Super Mario Land (Remix)"


dude i have played the gameboy super mario land game the one u made was almost as awsome as the original.
P.S.Its almost as good the original one but it could never beet the original and that is my opinion

newskies responds:

thanks! of course not!

Wow! lol

All i have to say is: WHAT'S THE IMPROVED VERSION CALLED!!??
Sorry, my caps were on... Visit me!

newskies responds:

lol it's called SuperMarioLandRemix (Improved)

Uber sweet

They shoulda used this one for the games!

newskies responds:

there is an improved version of it, but thanks!


That was SICK! I love this song! Keep up the good work! :D

newskies responds:

thanks, but please check out the improved version!


Way better,
CoolTunez, Write a song then!