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Reviews for "Super Mario Land (Remix)"

Hoo Yaaaa!


newskies responds:

thanks but plz check out the improved version!!

Nice job!

Hey do u know how to make a audio music? I don't know how

newskies responds:

there is an improved version of this song... check it out

Uber sweet

They shoulda used this one for the games!

newskies responds:

there is an improved version of it, but thanks!


I like this song.
Awesome beat.

newskies responds:

thanks, you should check out the improved version!


nice job they both sound the same but there still good music lol super Mario still good game as any old game does lol!

newskies responds:

umm... they don't sound the same. every normal human should be able to hear the differences without any problems... thanks, though!