Reviews for "Eskimo Bob 3"

What fun :)

Wow, these Eskimo Bob movies are pretty damn good. I'm only on the third one and I'm addicted.

poor maurice

bob's voice is so funny poor maurice got hit with a stick

har har

Man poop jokes never get old. Your sense of humor is just balding.

the hunger it rages. I want some fish now.

It gives me a head ake. Make the voces stop OH GOD MAKE THEM STOP!!!!! <(0_0<) KIRBYS DANCES IN MY BRAIN (>0_0)> DANCE KIRBY, DANCE. so yah, this movie sucks. But thats the point, It wouldn't be ecamo bob if it didn't have a porn buget and even less of a story. It's iorny is its hummor. And its short so you don't have to suffer for to much. And yes, I still want some fish.

Oh my God!

That is so funny!!! I know it's not funny for you
6Shooter28, but i't is just FUNNY!!!