Reviews for "Eskimo Bob 3"


i like it, in a wierd way.

but its funny

lighten up people

eskimo bob is, and will forever remain a comedy classic

its funny because its so random + rubbish

look at arfenhouse.


What The Hell

This series really goes nowhere, it doesn't even bloody make any sence. What is with the stupid burping sound, it was not funny back then and it isn't funny at all now. I guess I really just can't get into this series. I think I'll try watching other movies than this. The graphics I don't mind, but the voices/audio is just way too annoying for me to even bother watching or listening to.

Eskimo Bob, Eskimo Bob

I swear that damn song is catchy. Good funny stuff

Birdie And A Stick

Eskimo Bob 3 rocks. Especially when Eskimo Bob hits the birdies with the stick and the birdies are like uhhhh. It's funny! But I don't like when those cute birdies die. I like them!