Reviews for "Eskimo Bob 3"

Wow... Um...

I don't really get it. At all. I mean, you've got everything right... But, the actual comedy is... lacking.

Wow... Eskimo Bob...

Its been a looooong time since i watched this series (and i mean LONG) and i still dont understand why i love it so much... but hey, if i like it i like it, if only for the nostalgia.


I love it and so does my dog!


go maurice

I don't get it

So many people like this series.
I've found no way to enjoy it.
It's just plain dumb.
I have a bit of a feeling you're using the jerry jackson style where "It's so bad it's good."
But even jerry jackson has better animation than this.
And it makes more sense.
You also seriously needed better voice actors.
And sound effects also.
You're often seems like the kind of thing only a five-year-old would laugh at.
So please dump the idea.