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Reviews for "Vain Star"


it is indeed a mishmash, which is why industrial was born. There are only a few people i know on newgrounds that can do industrial right, and you're one of them. You have some serious potential to be great.


possibly the best song ive heard on newgrounds. I really like it.

:D summary: awesomeness in music form

this is probably my favorite song in the portal, had some tough competition with "break fairy" and "atmospheric entry" and some others. your timing is practically down to a science. 23-27, 1:05-1:08, 2:10-2:24, and 2:34-2:37 to mention a few, lead up to something, but you dont know what, it keeps you guessing for a few seconds, then adds a new twist, or an additional voice. favorite part is most definitely 2:24-2:30, what follows is pure bliss. this song has a good pace, not too fast. but theres an energy that keeps it interesting. 5/5 and favorited.

cycerin responds:

Thanks for the great review and impressions :D

Groob noob

I feel ashamed that i haven't heard of this till Castle Crashers...

That is all i have to say. I can't say anything else.

this is it dude, best ng song right here