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Reviews for "Vain Star"

sweetness, dude! admiration!

i so pictured what arby said, except for without the chains. but now that he mentioned it, lol!! perfect visualization.
did i ever tell u that u think of the perfect title names? like the pursuit of justice. ahh! nice title, it fits unlike mine. too bad i cant seem to upload mine, since they'e considered 'invalid mp3s' whatevertf that means...
but that's off topic.

cycerin responds:

Aw, I name all my songs for the mental images they conjure. It seems to work well. :P Even though the hip hop star breaking out with bling and chains and fuckshit wasn't exactly on my mind.

Really, nice!

This song was really good! i could see it being one of the songs that is used on one of the need for speed songs. like i could see me just cruising the highways, drifting through traffic, and this plays. Keep it up!


ive heard this 1 b4 somewhere

:D summary: awesomeness in music form

this is probably my favorite song in the portal, had some tough competition with "break fairy" and "atmospheric entry" and some others. your timing is practically down to a science. 23-27, 1:05-1:08, 2:10-2:24, and 2:34-2:37 to mention a few, lead up to something, but you dont know what, it keeps you guessing for a few seconds, then adds a new twist, or an additional voice. favorite part is most definitely 2:24-2:30, what follows is pure bliss. this song has a good pace, not too fast. but theres an energy that keeps it interesting. 5/5 and favorited.

cycerin responds:

Thanks for the great review and impressions :D

The way this sounded...

I thought it was done by Waterflame. Turns out... I was wrong. Anyway, this is KICKASS! Consider it downloaded.