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Reviews for "Vain Star"

sweetness, dude! admiration!

i so pictured what arby said, except for without the chains. but now that he mentioned it, lol!! perfect visualization.
did i ever tell u that u think of the perfect title names? like the pursuit of justice. ahh! nice title, it fits unlike mine. too bad i cant seem to upload mine, since they'e considered 'invalid mp3s' whatevertf that means...
but that's off topic.

cycerin responds:

Aw, I name all my songs for the mental images they conjure. It seems to work well. :P Even though the hip hop star breaking out with bling and chains and fuckshit wasn't exactly on my mind.


This is my favorite song in the whole Castle Crashers soundtrack, which says a lot because there's a whole lot of talent in there. Awesome, awesome song, man. There's just the right amount of rise and fall in it.

. . . .

i wonders if this contains any distorted vocals

cycerin responds:

Towards the end, turn up your volume. :p


nice although when i listen to this i cant help but think about like sum pwnzor cyborg or robot but anyways its rlly nice put it on my mp3

This is one of the coolest songs in CC, thanks! :D